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Manicure & Pedicure – Nail Salon

Our address

1216 Ridge Road Raleigh, NC 27607
35.80260231425378, -78.68679529867245
(919) 755-6803

Opening Hours

9:30am to 7:30pm
9:30am to 7:30pm
9:30am to 7:30pm
9:30am to 7:30pm
9:30am to 7:30pm
9:30am to 7:30pm
1pm to 6pm

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Jill Kirby
2018-09-07 18:33:27
If you are a long time customer and enjoy relaxation, I have decided to not go here again. If you love to talk LOUD on your cell phone or blue tooth, this is your place. No matter how many times I expressed my frustration about a customer speaking loudly on her blue tooth phone - I had to get up and leave - not once, but twice. Tina, who is very kind, did nothing to support her customer - me. After I had already paid $65.00 in advance, she and the technician let me hold it. Speaking g with Tina just now, it’s all about the $$$,not supporting her clientele. I want all my money back from today’s appointment. She can keep my $15.00 tip for a $35 pedicure and basic manicure. She can have it! I will not be back and will never suggest this nail salon. She never defended me. Again, if you love noise, lack of relaxation, people talking loudly on their cell phones, this is your place.
2018-03-01 03:41:15
This has to be the most unsanitary salon that I've ever been to!! I'm an RN & an Infection Control Nurse. The water, used to soak your feet in was "murky", although I was told that it had been changed. The metal instruments were brought to the chair on a piece of paper, on a metal tray. They should be unwrapped in the client's presence. And, the nail polish was nust put on sloppily. I will NEVER return there. Finally, all of the employees spoke in a foreign language, laughing a lot. I was basically ignored during the visit!
2015-06-15 17:33:14
I went in for a gel tip nail set with gel polish- a $45 and two week guarantee service. Three days later a nail popped off. I went back and she replaced it quickly and sloppily. Two days later another one popped off, but I was there as they were replacing UV bulbs- which they said was the issue. I was told to come back the next day and it would be redone completely FOR FREE. Since I had to work, I called in and changed the appointment to Monday- Today, and on the phone she said that was completely fine. When I went in, she told me that she would not do them for free and I had to pay $22 for the polish. When I asked her why it was no longer a free service, she told me it was because I didnt come Friday- something that I had never been brought to my attention. After trying to get an explanation as to why a service that I had previously paid for and was done so badly they offered to do it for free and then retracted the offer, I was not given any explaination other than I had to pay (again). This is the ONLY salon I've been to in Raleigh- for over 10 years. I am disgusted that they did not attempt to resolve the issue and that after a promise of a completely free "fix" nothing was resolved and they requested for me to pay an additional fee. I will happily take my business to another salon in Raleigh that is more professional and responsive to customer complaints.
2014-11-07 15:21:31
Best Spa to be! Friendly staff and they doo a great job with a good price.

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