I went in for a gel tip nail set with gel polish- a $45 and two week guarantee service. Three days later a nail popped off. I went back and she replaced it quickly and sloppily. Two days later another one popped off, but I was there as they were replacing UV bulbs- which they said was the issue. I was told to come back the next day and it would be redone completely FOR FREE. Since I had to work, I called in and changed the appointment to Monday- Today, and on the phone she said that was completely fine. When I went in, she told me that she would not do them for free and I had to pay $22 for the polish. When I asked her why it was no longer a free service, she told me it was because I didnt come Friday- something that I had never been brought to my attention. After trying to get an explanation as to why a service that I had previously paid for and was done so badly they offered to do it for free and then retracted the offer, I was not given any explaination other than I had to pay (again). This is the ONLY salon I’ve been to in Raleigh- for over 10 years. I am disgusted that they did not attempt to resolve the issue and that after a promise of a completely free “fix” nothing was resolved and they requested for me to pay an additional fee. I will happily take my business to another salon in Raleigh that is more professional and responsive to customer complaints.