Jill Kirby

If you are a long time customer and enjoy relaxation, I have decided to not go here again. If you love to talk LOUD on your cell phone or blue tooth, this is your place. No matter how many times I expressed my frustration about a customer speaking loudly on her blue tooth phone – I had to get up and leave – not once, but twice.
Tina, who is very kind, did nothing to support her customer – me. After I had already paid $65.00 in advance, she and the technician let me hold it. Speaking g with Tina just now, it’s all about the $$$,not supporting her clientele. I want all my money back from today’s appointment. She can keep my $15.00 tip for a $35 pedicure and basic manicure. She can have it! I will not be back and will never suggest this nail salon.
She never defended me.
Again, if you love noise, lack of relaxation, people talking loudly on their cell phones, this is your place.